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Management Events brings together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers. In essence, we are Business Match Makers.

Management Events GmbH


The world is very digital, but all the great deals are made face to face. Management Events is a company, which uses best of both worlds to help leaders find best possible partners for their projects. Our mission is to attract influential business people in one place to let them discuss about their common interests, and build ground for good deals and cool contracts.

70,000 pre-booked meetings, 20,000 top leaders; 2,500 solution providers; 130 events in Europe and Asia; every year. We are an international business match making service that covers over 15 markets in Europe and Asia. We can help leaders broaden their network and learn about the latest business solutions in their own and their peers industry.


We’re a fast-paced organization with an endless passion for our customers. A big part of our DNA is winning together mentality – around every successful individual is a great team. Clarity, responsibility and development and exploring new opportunities is everyday life at Management Events; We embrace the new always!

Passion for customers
Clarity & Responsibility
Embrace The New
Winning Together

Einsatz IM Studium

Event Experience / Production Intern

Einsatz NACH dem Studium

Project Coordinator
B2B Account Manager
Customer Success Manager
Event Experience Manager


Normally our application process starts when you upload your CV and cover letter to our Career page on the ME website or directly on our new Career landing page:

If your profile is applicable for any of our functions in Management Events, then one of our recruiters of the Talent Acquisition team will give you a call for a short phone interview. When all is okay, the next step is an interview with the hiring manager of the function you are applying for, which is usually done via Skype or when possible a face to face interview at one of our offices.

The last step is the final interview where you will talk face to face with two of our senior colleagues. Depending on the result and impression of the final interview the hiring manager will let you know personally if we are making an offer for you!

The only thing left to do now is discuss the details, sign the contract, and be part of your new family!

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Allgemein Rechtswissenschaften, Allgemein Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Consulting, Immobilien, International Business, Logistik, Marketing, Personal, Verwaltungswissenschaften, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Wirtschaftspädagogik, Wirtschaftsprüfung und Wirtschaftspsychologie


Weitere Qualifikationen
Commercial drive and experience in some form of sales is always a plus!
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deutsch und englisch
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Bachelor und Master
Trainee, Professional, Einstieg und Young Professional

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Berlin - Munich
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Amsterdam - Bangalore - Berlin - Copenhagen - Helsinki - Kuala Lumpur - Munich - Stockholm
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