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We are not like any start-up.

dive solutions GmbH


Dive is an award-winning startup who provides web-based CAE solutions for engineering companies. Our in-house software utilizes novel particle-based technologies to simulate fluidic processes in complex mechanical systems. We accelerate development processes and decision making. Our dogma: We create beloved world-class software to help engineers design more sustainable products every day.


We trust in creative people who love what they do. People who want to work on cutting edge technology that empowers engineers to make the world a better place. We believe in diversity, strong teams and healthy and friendly culture of trust, constructive feedback and empowerment. Work is not a job. Work is being passionate about something, meeting great people and building something you believe in.

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International Business, Marketing, Maschinenbau, Mathematik, Physik, Informatik Allgemein, Medieninformatik und Software Engineering


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